Customer Journey Design

This project involved redesigning key elements of a life insurance (bancassurance partnership) journey for a UK leading high street banking group. The changes fell in to two parts, regulatory changes and accessibility improvements. The regulatory changes required UX solutions, whilst accessibility focussed on colour and interaction design.

My role was to lead on the UX and UI elements of the project working with Product / Change Management, Sales, Compliance, Marketing, Digital Optimisation, to facilitate workshops and present back design ideas.

The design process moved from end to end user journey flows and a number of iterations, moving towards detailed design, prototype and a number of user testing sessions in a lab environment.

Software: Adobe XD, InVision, Zeplin, Chrome DevTools, Google Lighthouse

Tools: workshops, user flows, low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes, user testing in a lab environment, continued iterations and improvement

Part 1: Reglatory changes

Why are these changes necessary?

Improve customers’ ability to make informed decisions and minimise the risk of harm from purchasing products which do not meet their needs.

Scope of changes

• Introduce questions at strategic points of the journey, which assess the needs of customers when purchasing our products.

• Ensure the main user journey is maintained – resist the temptation to completely redesign end-to-end journey


Part 2: UI Accessibility Improvements 



Why are these changes necessary?

• Fix accessibility issues

• Improve speed of completion and reduce reported errors

• Achieve brand alignment with the US

Scope of changes

• Light touch with minimal dev effort

• Basic styling changes – non-functional changes e.g. colour, size and shape rather than functionality


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