My design experience ranges across financial services, public sector education and digital start ups. Whilst working for large global corporate companies, I’ve worked closely with different design teams, and presented to stakeholders based in different time zones. These relationships have enabled me to create synergies, which has led to greater efficiencies, and a joined up global approach.

This project involved redesigning key elements of a life insurance (bancassurance partnership) journey for a leading UK high street bank.  Read more

Whilst working in the insurance industry my aim was to digitise and modernise customer experience across different touch points. I noticed much of the web content was either Microsoft Excel or PDF calculators and rate cards, which could easily be converted in to online widgets which are embedded in to web pages or as stand alone web apps.  See projects

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Back to school…

General Assembly – User Experience Design Accelerator course. This was a six day programme, covering all the fundamentals of user experience design. 
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Where it all started…

My first online design project was way back in 2002, working for an online person-to-person betting exchange start-up called Sporting Options.
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